1-1. The Need for a Global Distributed Computing Platform

In modern society, computers have deeply permeated every aspect of our lives. In various fields such as business, healthcare, entertainment, education, science, and social services, computers have become indispensable. However, to drive these computers, computational resources equipped with processing power, memory, storage, and network bandwidth are essential.

In recent years in particular, the development of big data analysis and artificial intelligence has been accelerating, and the demand for high-performance GPUs, which can collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of data at high speeds, is rapidly increasing. However, with this rapid increase in demand, companies around the world are facing serious issues of computational resource shortages and increasing infrastructure construction costs.

An emerging idea to solve this problem is the utilization of computational resources, or so-called "urban buried GPU power", which are still operable but not connected to the network or power source. If we can unearth these dormant resources and put them to effective use, it is expected that the shortage of computational resources can be alleviated and costs can be reduced.

One of the powerful means to realize this idea is the use of blockchain technology. By using blockchain as a foundation, not only the latest GPUs but also older GPUs that are buried year by year can be connected to the network, making it possible to build a Web3 distributed computing platform on a global scale. This platform allows people all over the world to have fair access to computational resources and to develop efficiently.

This Web3 distributed computing platform is expected to significantly contribute to technological development and social progress by promoting the democratization of computational resources and removing barriers to innovation. Furthermore, the utilization of urban buried GPU power is also attracting attention as a sustainable initiative that leads to effective use of resources and reduction of environmental load.

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