2-2. Overview of EMETH Project

EMETH is a fair distributed computing platform that makes a "supercomputer" capable of executing complex calculations using GPUs accessible to anyone. By leveraging the surplus time of computing resources worldwide, it provides resources efficiently and affordably to those requiring advanced computational power.

Although EMETH is a type of cloud service, it distinguishes itself from traditional cloud services. EMETH distributes computational jobs finely and provides only the computational power users require by constructing job units. This allows for efficient resource use without waste. The cost of using one unit created by EMETH is displayed in a unique unit called "fuel." This fuel functions as a new value measure in the AI era.

The EMETH platform operates based on a token-based economic system. Users of computing resources can acquire the necessary computational power by paying tokens to resource providers. On the other hand, resource providers can earn tokens by providing their computing resources. This mechanism creates an autonomous and sustainable ecosystem where tokens and computing resources are exchanged.

AI has already deeply penetrated society and has become an indispensable presence not only for companies but also for individual engineers, creators, and the general public. EMETH provides an environment where everyone can use computing resources equally in this AI era, and will build a new information processing ecosystem. This ecosystem will promote technical innovation and accelerate the development of innovative applications and services utilizing AI.

On the next page, we will provide a detailed explanation of the technical features of EMETH. Let's explore how EMETH realizes distributed computing and balances performance and convenience.

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