2-2-3. EMETH L2 Roll Up

EMETH is a web3 service designed as a Dapp on the Polygon blockchain to meet the diverse GPU needs brought about by the rapid development of AI services. EMETH is developing its own L2 rollup feature to further improve user experience while leveraging the scalability and cost benefits of Polygon.

L2 rollups can significantly increase transaction processing speed by handling transactions off-chain, regardless of the congestion on the main chain. This enables the provision of more advanced AI services, such as real-time video processing.

EMETH's L2 rollup maximizes throughput by batch processing transactions. Batch processed transactions are verified and executed on L2, and the results are periodically committed to the main chain in bulk. As a result, transactions processed on L2 are ultimately protected by the security of the main chain.

This approach not only alleviates congestion on the main chain and shortens transaction confirmation times, but also leads to reductions in gas fees. Users can enjoy faster transactions at lower costs, greatly improving the user experience in using AI services.

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