3-4. GPU Mining Program


This concept is similar to mining by Bitcoin computation, but unlike Bitcoin that is generated by calculation, it is a program where you can receive EMETH Innovation Token (Experimental Token: EIT) tokens distributed every hour in proportion to the amount of JOB achieved in that hour. It is currently in experimental operation.

JOB Cluster Reward

This is a digital token that is allocated to users who provide computational power for JOB. Newly issued EIT tokens are allocated.

Time Reward

12,000 $EMETH/1h, daily output of 288,000 EIT

For the first year, about 105,120,000 EIT per year will be distributed.

Distribution Decay

Decreases by 600 EIT /h each year → New block rewards will be zero in 20 years. After a period of 20 years, the emission of new EIT will cease.

JOB Reward Calculation

Example: Distribute 12,000 $EMETH every 1h

Processing amount in the previous 1h (INT)

Node A: 100 (50%) → 6000EIT

Node B: 70 (35%) → 4200EIT

Node C: 30 (15%) → 1800EIT

Distributed from Master Node to each node within each Pool

EMETH 1.0 Innovation Phase Operation Period

Emeth Innovation Token (EIT) 2023/11/21 ~ 2024/04/30

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