4-1. Benefits that EMETH node can enjoy

EMETH is a project in which anyone, from corporations to individuals, can participate as a node by providing GPU resources. Nodes in EMETH can enjoy various benefits.

  1. EMETH GPU POOL is a platform that can provide GPU resources on an hourly basis. The price can be set by the GPU resource provider, and you can earn income in legal currency when you are not using it yourself.

  2. The currently under development web3 EMETH is a cloud service that extracts only the computational capacity needed and distributes jobs to form job units. The usage fee for each unit created in EMETH is displayed in fuel units, which will become the new unit in the AI era. Nodes can earn EMETH tokens as rewards based on their actual work.

  3. It is similar to Bitcoin mining through computation, but the GPU mining program is a program that can receive $EMETH tokens distributed every hour according to the amount of JOB achieved in that hour. This GPU Mining exists to fill the gaps when the GPU POOL and web3 EMETH are not running.

  4. The Staking program is the only program that can run concurrently with the above three computational power supplies. Details will be announced on the White Paper as soon as they are decided.

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