4-2-1. How to set up EMETH Node "Windows"

This guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step procedure for setting up an EMETH Node on a Windows operating system.

◇ Set up flow

  1. Preparation

  2. Install EMETH Node

  3. Launch EMETH Node

1. Preparation

(1) Checking up hardware requirement

■ Recommended Hardware Requirement

- Windows 10 or higher
- CPU: Equivalent to Intel Core i5–10400 4.3 GHz or higher
- GPU: Equivalent to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 (24GB RAM) or higher
- Memory: At least double the RAM of the above GPU
- Disk: 256GB or more, 1~2TB recommended for ample space
- Power Supply: Capable of supporting the above configuration
- Note: Current job categories do not support AMD Radeon

(2) Install Docker

Install Docker Desktop 4.27.1 (136059)


(3)Prepare MATIC

  • Prepare Metamask wallet for node set up, and send MATIC to that wallet.

Note: Each job execution costs slightly less than 0.1 MATIC (approximately 0.05~0.07 MATIC). It is recommended to prepare about 150 MATIC.

◇Guide for how to prepare MATIC

How to buy Polygon MATIC tokens easy way.


2. Download EMETH Node

Install EMETH Node from the installer below


3. Launch EMETH Node

(1) Launch Docker

  • Launch the Docker installed during the preparations.

  • Docker needs to be running before launching the EMETH Node.

(2) Launch EMETH Node

Launch EMETH Node installed previous step.

(3) Enter Initial Setup Items

Here are the Calibration phase setup items Note: Item contents may change due to phase changes or updates.

-Endpoint: https://polygon-rpc.com

-Private Key: Please enter — Handle with care when entering your wallet’s private key

- EMETH Core Contract Address: 0x5aF9c255D6C965aAa8DB3e9C82276e59345186C8

-EMETH Token Contract Address: 0xCB746131b75f30942de7C59a5Be1393Fca5Be05D

-Cache Server URL: https://cache-nova.emeth.ai/api/v1/jobs

- Storage API URL: https://storage-nova.emeth.ai/api/v1/

- Processor: Limited to 84

- GPU Enablement: Enabled

(4) Start Providing Computing Power

Press the start button and wait.

If started correctly, the following code will be displayed:

[LOG] Monitoring cache server at 10s intervals… [LOG] [Job ID:0xe21a0246273ad0025e1e15a3a1675adb] Starting to process… [LOG] [Job ID:0xe21a0246273ad0025e1e15a3a1675adb] Running processor container for program ID: 84… [LOG] [Job ID:0xe21a0246273ad0025e1e15a3a1675adb] Submitting the result… [LOG] [Job ID:0x7e9f3c425efe492de55e7352944e777f] Starting to process… [LOG] [Job ID:0x7e9f3c425efe492de55e7352944e777f] Running processor container for program ID: 84…

This is the end of the set up process. Now you have successfully built EMETH Node.

◇ Inquiries

If you encounter any errors or have any questions, please contact us in the Discord channel. Discord: https://discord.gg/wRAS5PhWUb

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