4-2-3. How to set up EMETH Portable ”Mobile”

This guide provides a comprehensive, step-by-step procedure for setting up an EMETH Node on mobile phones. This allows you to easily try providing computational power to EMETH using your mobile phone.

EMETH Portable URL : https://portable-nova.emeth.ai/


◇ Set up flow

  1. Preparation

  2. Open the EMETH Node page in the Metamask browser

  3. Connect your wallet

  4. Deposit MATIC

  5. Start providing computational power

1. Preparation

(1)Prepare Metamask

  • Install Metamask on your smartphone.

  • Note: Other wallets that allow browser access within the app can also be used, but Metamask is recommended.

(2)Prepare MATIC

  • Send MATIC to the wallet you prepared.

Note: Each job execution costs slightly less than 0.1 MATIC (approximately 0.05~0.07 MATIC). It is recommended to prepare about 150 MATIC.

◇Guide for how to prepare MATIC

How to buy Polygon MATIC tokens easy way.


2. Open the EMETH Node Page in the Metamask Browser

(1)Launch Metamask and open the browser.

(2)Search for https://portable-nova.emeth.ai/ to open the EMETH Node page.

3. Connect your wallet

4. Deposit MATIC

5. Start providing computational power

This is the end of the set up process. Now you have successfully built EMETH Node.

◇ Note

If your smartphone enters sleep mode, the provision of computational power will be halted. To prevent this, please change your settings to avoid sleep mode, or restart the process if your phone has entered sleep mode.

◇ Inquiries

If you encounter any errors or have any questions, please contact us in the Discord channel. Discord: https://discord.gg/wRAS5PhWUb

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