EMETH GPU POOL is an innovative platform that enables the lending and borrowing of GPU resources on an hourly basis. On this platform, lenders who are providers of GPU resources can freely set their prices. Lenders can earn income in legal currency by lending their resources through GPU POOL during times when they are not using their GPUs. This allows for the effective utilization and monetization of GPU resources.

On the other hand, borrowers can start using GPU resources immediately after completing registration for the service. Borrowers can purchase credits and launch instances to rent virtual machines (VMs) for the time they need. This simple process allows borrowers to quickly and flexibly secure the GPU resources they need.

EMETH GPU POOL features an intuitive and user-friendly interface (UI) that offers the same usability as traditional Web2 services. At the same time, it achieves high quality and reliability that can withstand corporate use. Excellent security measures are in place, so you can use the service with peace of mind.

This platform promotes the optimization and rationalization of resources and prices by efficiently matching the demand and supply of GPU resources. While lenders can effectively utilize idle resources and earn revenue, borrowers can procure the resources they need at affordable prices. This bidirectional exchange of value increases the liquidity of GPU resources, stimulating innovation and economic activity.

EMETH GPU POOL plays a significant role as a solution to meet the growing demand for GPU resources in fields such as AI, machine learning, and big data analysis. Research institutions, startups, and other entities that require GPU resources can efficiently utilize resources through this platform.

EMETH GPU POOL is an innovative platform that realizes the sharing economy of GPU resources with a web2 approach and promotes the democratization and optimization of computing resources. With its convenience and economic rationality, GPU POOL aims to establish itself as an indispensable infrastructure in the upcoming AI society.

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