5-2. web3 EMETH

In the era of web3, EMETH will play a crucial role as the infrastructure underlying various AI services. The distributed computing platform that EMETH provides, supplying the computational resources necessary for the development and operation of AI services efficiently and flexibly, will continue to support the growth and development of each service.

The infrastructure of EMETH not only enhances the performance and scalability of AI services but also has excellent characteristics in terms of security and fault tolerance. The distributed architecture eliminates single points of failure, increasing system availability. Furthermore, by leveraging blockchain technology, it is possible to ensure the immutability and integrity of data, thereby enhancing the reliability of AI services.

From the next page, we will introduce various examples of AI services that can be realized by utilizing EMETH's infrastructure. These examples specifically demonstrate the technical advantages brought about by EMETH and how they contribute to the development of AI services. We hope that you will understand the significance and importance of the role that EMETH plays as a platform to maximize the potential of AI.

Now, let's explore the future of AI services supported by EMETH on the next page.

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