5-3-1. AI Super-Resolution (AI that upscales videos to higher resolution)

AI super-resolution is an AI technology that is an image processing technique used to regenerate low-resolution images into high-resolution ones. This technology can create more detailed images without degrading the image quality when enlarging images such as videos or photos. AI super-resolution is widely used in industries such as movies and television broadcasting and has become one of the necessary technologies to generate high-quality images.

It is possible to create more detailed images by regenerating low-resolution images into high-resolution ones. For example, you may have experienced watching a family home video or a valuable TV program you recorded long ago. Still, you couldn't enjoy it because the video quality was poor. Even in such cases, by using AI super-resolution, you can easily and inexpensively generate low-resolution VHS or DVD videos into Blu-ray level HD quality. You can remaster precious past videos and preserve them for the future.

AI super-resolution is a widely used technology in film and television broadcasting industries. High-quality images, such as movies and TV shows, are essential when producing visual content. However, generating high-quality images requires advanced technology and time.

AI super-resolution is expected to become increasingly important as one of the necessary technologies for video production in the future. By utilizing it for business and personal video production, it is possible to generate higher quality videos easily. We should pay attention to the technological advancement of AI super-resolution.

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