5-3-3. Video Generation AI, Voice Synthesis AI(Digital Clone AI)

Personal AI, by learning an individual's life log, enables us to reproduce our own will in the digital space and delegate various digital tasks. A representative example of this innovative technology is Clone.dev, provided by Orutsu Corporation. Clone.dev is a platform that enables video generation and voice synthesis by AI. Users can easily upload video and audio clips and automatically generate digital clones based on them. In addition, Clone.dev is equipped with natural voice synthesis function, aiming for companies and individuals to utilize in marketing and content production. The functions of Clone.dev are not limited to voice synthesis. It also offers AI-based subtitle generation and editing functions for digital clones, allowing users to customize digital clones and optimize them according to their needs. Moreover, Clone.dev supports multiple languages, enabling voice synthesis in foreign languages. This makes communication with overseas customers and business partners smoother. Clone.dev is a platform that can be widely used in business and creative fields. Generation of digital clones by AI greatly reduces time and effort, making the production process more efficient. Also, by utilizing personal AI, it is possible to create content based on individual knowledge and experience, producing highly original works. In this way, Clone.dev, utilizing the cutting edge of technology, holds great potential as a platform that supports creative work. The fusion of personal AI and digital clones is an innovative technology that will fundamentally change our way of working and communication, and Clone.dev will be the pioneer. There is no doubt that Clone.dev's transformative impact will attract attention in the future.

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