5-3-4. Digital Twin (Personal Linked AI)

Digital twin technology is the process of digitizing a physical space and reproducing it in a virtual environment. This technology is effective in improving the manufacturing process of a company's products and services and can also be used to aggregate data obtained from IoT to help with predicting malfunctions. Various models of different scales can be simulated through digital twin technology, including individual products, factory production lines, and entire cities, all of which are simulations that closely mimic physical reality.

In the manufacturing industry, digital twins have been advancing in every process, from product development to optimizing manufacturing lines and after-sales services. By using information from digital twins to simulate and analyze future changes in advance, it is possible to improve the quality of plans to reduce operation costs and to improve business efficiency. In addition, by utilizing IoT to incorporate real-time information, it is possible to use it for predicting product failures.

Digital Twin sound and video is a type of personal link technology using AI that can automatically generate a person's voice and appearance. This technology is also known as avatar technology. For example, if someone records their voice on their smartphone, AI can analyze that voice and reproduce it perfectly. Similarly, AI can automatically generate a person's face and body from their photo. This technology is used to create virtual YouTubers and game characters.

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