7-1-4. Verifier

The Verifier plays an important role in validating the results of processed SubJobs and Jobs. The following are the main roles and process flow of the Verifier.

  1. Verification of results based on processing logic: The Verifier verifies whether the results of each SubJob and Job have been processed correctly according to the processing logic defined by the ProgramId. In this verification process, the consistency, completeness, and accuracy of the results are evaluated. The Verifier quantitatively evaluates the quality of the results using predefined criteria and thresholds in the verification of results. This allows for the detection and elimination of improper processing and incorrect results.

  2. Application of rewards and penalties: Based on the results of the verification by the Verifier, rewards or penalties are applied to each job. Jobs that have been processed as valid results are given a predetermined reward. This reward is adjusted based on the quality and quantity of the processing. On the other hand, jobs that have been processed as invalid results are subjected to a penalty (fine). Penalties compensate for the damage caused by improper processing and have the effect of deterring misconduct.

The Verifier plays an indispensable role in ensuring the quality and reliability of processing in the EMETH architecture. The strict verification process by the Verifier eliminates improper processing and incorrect results, maintaining the integrity of the entire system. In addition, the application of rewards and penalties provides appropriate incentives for participants and promotes legitimate processing.

The function of the Verifier forms the basis of trust in a decentralized system. In a distributed environment where each node performs its own processing, verification of results and quality control are important challenges. The Verifier provides a highly transparent verification process to address these challenges. This enables participants in the system to confirm the legitimacy of the processing results and minimize the risk of misconduct.

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